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Future Pixel Phones will not get unlimited free Google Photos Storage

Google has confirmed that the upcoming Pixel phones will stand in line with other devices regarding paying for more storage for Google services.

Google recently announced a big change regarding its storage policy where Google Photos is losing its unlimited free storage for high quality uploads. Pixel owners didn’t have to worry about the change as they get unlimited storage for original quality uploads but that is changing now.

Google has confirmed that the upcoming Pixel devices will not have the feature. Only Pixel 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 will continue to have unlimited free Google Photos storage. This comes in line with Google’s claims of giving lifetime guarantee for free storage for Pixel phones.

‘If you have a Pixel 5 device or earlier, your current backup quality options and benefits remain unchanged. Uploads in High quality from your Pixel 2-5 devices will continue to receive unlimited free storage. However, photos and videos backed up from other devices in High quality after June 1, 2021 will start to count towards your Google Account storage’, Google explains in a support page.

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This means that the future Pixel phones will stick to the 15GB of free account storage or the users will have to pay for the plans to get more storage.

This move comes as a way to promote the service Google offers, which is Google One. And secondly, the cost of providing unlimited storage for slightly compressed photos (High quality photos) was now getting difficult for Google in a long term scenario.

Google sent a mail to its users stating that the change enables them to keep up with the growing demand for photo storage and remain focused on building Google Photos for the future.

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