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Five great apps for Nokia phones

Five must have free tools for your Symbian smartphone.

Today almost all Nokia phones, be it a smartphone or a basic phone all are based on Symbian platform. Symbian, the mobile operating system developed by Finnish phone giant Nokia, is among the most popular mobile operating systems in the market. Here, we have selected five free apps that Symbian users must have on their device.

Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky has developed an anti for Symbian phones, which allows users to encrypt their private data. And if they lose their device, they can remotely delete data from it if it has Kaspersky Mobile Security installed.


People are accustomed to the tree-like structure in which files and folders are displayed on Microsoft Windows and some times find the browsing structure in Symbian a trifle confusing. If you too want to replicate Windows style browsing in your Nokia smartphone, you need to install X-Plore. It uncomplicates the file structure displayed by Symbian and displays it in a way you’re used to.

Nokia Energy Profiler

Your mobile and application usage patterns directly affect how fast or how slowly you drain your phone’s battery. If you want to keep a watch on battery consumption, install Nokia Energy Profiler, a free that helps you monitor phone energy use so that you can control consumption and thereby extend battery life.

Ion battery timer

How good it would be if you knew exactly how many days, hours and minutes your phone’s battery is going to last — which is exactly what iOn battery timer tells you. This free Symbian app estimates the battery run out time for your device to the minute, based on current usage. So now you know exactly how much time you have left before you need to charge your phone.

Find Me — lite

Find Me — lite is an invisible mobile tracker that thieves would have a tough time detecting, and will consequently fail to turn off before they insert their own into your phone. When this happens, if Find Me — lite is installed on your device, it will determine the phone’s location using its system and will secretly send you the details in an email or SMS.

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