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Five best-selling VAS offerings from MTS

This is the first of a series of articles in which we track the best value added offerings from a particular service provider, other than the normal offerings like caller ring back tune, SMS, and ring tone downloads. We begin with offerings from MTS.

MTS is the third and last service provider in the CDMA space, a segment that did not do well in India but that has capabilities which make it attractive, such as fast internet speed even on the 2G platform.

To cash in on this feature of CDMA technology, MTS has launched My MTS Planet, a platform that is loaded on the device, and is meant for distributing content through video on demand (VOD), mobile TV, mShortcut, idle screen promotion, m-Adcalls (rich video advertisements), subscription, and time based content delivery.

It will also include features such as SMS subscription and CRBT subscription for devices across the range &#151 very low end and high end ones.


It aims to deliver content in a better way and is thus qualified to be here. mShortcut is designed with a friendly, menu driven user interface that enables easy browsing and allows services to be previewed before download.

It enables quick access to music, videos, ringtones, wallpapers, games, SMS services and CRBT etc. The user can directly jump to any content category simply by dialing a number, and they are not required to have detailed knowledge of browsers, of the Mobile Shop, GPRS, data services, download, or installation.

Video On Demand

Video On Demand enables users to view, download and stream a variety of videos from various genres at a single point of entry. They can even watch high quality video on low end devices that do not have video players.

The service has full video player options and navigation such as play, pause, volume and player. The platform works on both RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) and non-RTSP supported handsets, and can play two-hour and longer files continuously.

Mobile TV

This phenomenal application from MTS allows its subscribers to enjoy Live TV on their mobile handsets. It is compatible with both RTSP supported and non-RTSP supported handsets.

Users can choose from various categories such as sports, news, movies and religion. It also allows access to compressed video of good quality with faster content delivery and streaming.

Idle Screen Promotion

Idle Screen Promotion is used to promote VAS content on mobiles when the device is idle. It is a mode of delivering VAS content seamlessly and very quickly to the end user, and it also increases download rates.

The function simply allows a promotional message to pop up on the mobile screen when the phone is on idle, and also offers the option of download by clicking ‘Yes’ or declining to download via ‘No’.

Using this feature an MTS mobile subscriber can easily download VAS content. The feature automatically invokes the idle screen message box and shows the appropriate message to the user at specific times. This feature is very useful for promoting content such as wallpapers, ringtones, games and text services. (It can get annoying though, so you can switch it off whenever necessary from the settings)

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