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Facebook to launch an app for teenagers

The code reveals signs of new parental controls that would set the app apart from Facebook’s existing Messenger app.

Facebook will be launching a new app known as the ‘Talk’ to counter cyber-bulling, reports The Information website. The target group of the app is teens in the age group of 13 -18 years. The release datefor the app is still not out.

In the app, teens wouldn’t need their own Facebook profile to access the app. It will havea new parental controlmechanism in place that would set the app apart from Facebook’s existing Messenger app.

Only known friends can connect using Talk app and the general public can not search profiles of the teenagers. Thus strangers who are looking to take advantage of teenagers on the internet will not have a field day. It can be considered as a safety precaution that could help eliminate the danger of teens being approached online by strangers, reports The Information website. Apartfrom this information notmuch is known about the app and more details will emerge at the time of launch.The Information further adds, “Talk is a messaging app where you fully control the contacts, and your child uses the Talk app to chat with you inMessenger.”

While being much appreciated from a parent’s point of view, as the service would be helpful in keeping an eye on their children, but from a teen’s perspective, it may be seen as a restriction to their the freedom on social media. Nonetheless, it can be an important step taken by Facebook for its teenage users.

The date of release for the app is yet to be disclosed.

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