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Driving assistant app on Android &#151 iOnRoad

iOnRoad uses a windshield or dashboard mounted system which keeps an eye on the road ahead, monitors traffic in the lane where the user is driving, and gives relevant warnings.

The idea behind iOnRoad is to help people avoid collisions while driving, and with most users carrying smartphones with high resolution cameras and processing power, this app is very useful.

The app is available for free download on Android. It uses a camera, which keeps an eye on the road ahead, monitors traffic and warns the user at relevant times. It comes either with audible alert, or colour code. The app may run either right in front so the users can view it all the time, or it may run in the background.

It takes some time when the smartphone gets the GPS signal, but within 30 seconds it shows the current speed, a green lane and the vehicle in front is showed with colour codes and risk levels. The app helps if users have had a slight lapse of concentration.

The iOnRoad also keeps an eye on lane drift, as well as of cars ahead that suddenly slow down. Currently, the app works well with any Android device that has a 1 GHz processor, or runs Android Froyo or higher.

The app iOnRoad improves driving for users with advanced smartphones. The app asks users for permission to take pictures and videos from the phone’s camera, and it accesses the phone’s features to make calls as well. It also asks for permission to write in the USB storage and the SD card, and accesses the device GPS system. The app is not all that seasoned in the market, so users need to be careful before they grant these permissions.

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