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Control your vacuum cleaner through your phone

Samsung has developed an Android app for the Navibot, which helps users control the robot remotely.

Expanding the horizon of mobile phones, Samsung has now released a robotic vacuum cleaner, which can be controlled through an handset!

Named Navibot S, the robotic vacuum cleaner is an improved version of the older Navibot. But the Navibot S boasts of many improvements including the ability to be controlled through an Android app.

Navibot S automatically empties the garbage in a central dustbin. It also goes back to the docking station when it senses that its battery is low. It resumes the work after it empties its dustbin and is recharged. It has an intelligent mapping technology, which helps it to clean the room/house in a most efficient manner.

The robot vacuum cleaner finds its own way through your living room with the help of its camera that takes pictures at 30 frames per second to make a digital map of the room. This helps it avoid cleaning the same spot over and over. The camera also acts like a web cam which can be viewed through your phone.

Samsung has developed an Android application for Navibot, which helps users control the robot remotely. The uses the microphone and camera of the phone to let you know the location of the cleaner. The camera also acts like a mobile webcam, which is useful if the burglar alarm goes off or if you want to keep an eye on your pet or anybody else.

As already stated, the previous version of the vacuum cleaner is already available in certain markets like Singapore and this new version is likely to be available in the next six months or so.

It is not known yet whether Navibot S will be available in India or not. However, a similar, automatic vacuum cleaner from Eurekaforbes is already available in the country and is called Euroclean Robocleanz. It costs Rs 6,600, but it doesn’t have the phone control feature.

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