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Control your car with your smartphone

Mavizon Technologies has introduced Autobot, which helps you track your car, monitor its health, open the doors and control the windows - all using your smartphone.

Mavizon Technologies, a Indianabased USA based startup, has introduced a new smartphone application Autobot, which lets users to control their cars in several ways using their phones. This application also helps people track the location of the car, a useful feature in finding a stolen car or one that is lost in the maze of vehicles at a parking lot.
Security and tracking services
Using this application, people can lock their car remotely as long as they and their cars are in the mobile connectivity zone. The commonly used remote lock for cars only works when the remote is within a few metres from the vehicle or in the line of sight.
Not just that, this feature of the application also helps people to track where their teenager has taken the car. Being a enabled device, it will tell users the way to the closest petrol pump or hotel as well.
The best part of the application is its ability to connect to most modern cars produced in last 10 years or so. It also works on all smartphones.
All that users have to do is to connect a dongle (a small device) supplied with the application to the diagnostics port of their car (located on the engine control unit of the car). There’s no need to visit the mechanic to install the device.
Reminder service
Being connected to the car’s diagnostics port, this device is capable of telling users what is wrong with their car, when it is running low on brake fluid or engine oil and when it needs servicing.
Price and availability
This application from Mavizon Technologies is expected to be available some time early next year with a price tag of less than $300 (Rs 13,500) and there will be no monthly fee after that, provided the user agrees to receive promotional offers.
The bad news is that it is not coming to India immediately. However, once launched in USA, it’s bound to find its way into India in substantial numbers. It is too cool to resist.

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