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Check into games with HeyZap

The Android app was under Alpha testing and the check-ins have already reached 250,000 for 3000 games

HeyZap, a social game platform, is coming out with a Foursquare like service for gamers. Users can use the service to tell their friends which game they are playing at that moment and share the fun.

The check in craze, already popularised by Foursquare and Gowalla in location based games, is now moving on to the regular mobile games space. In this, all that HeyZap does is add a social layer to the existing gaming platforms.

With the surfeit of mobile games on the Internet, it has always been difficult for users to find out which games to play. HeyZap believes it has cracked that problem with this as users themselves will tell their friends what they are playing and whether they liked it or not.

Since the friends will now be able to know which games their friends have played or what level they managed to cross, they would now be able to start a conversation based on this information, just the way they do with Cricket or Soccer or baseball. The interaction takes place only between people who know each other well, just the way users interact with each other on Facebook.

The new free Android app of the HeyZap was undergoing alpha testing for sometime and the check-ins have already hit 250,000 mark for 3000 games where this service is being offered now.

HeyZap for Android also has a tip tab where users can access the tips shared by their friends about various games or simply whether it’s enjoyable or not. An iPhone version of the same app is also in the works.

This is the first time that HeyZap is moving into the mobile space. The company started its operations by monetizing Flash games on the Internet. The social gaming platform of HeyZap on the web already has 1.6 million users. Once user has checked into any game, he or she can spread the message through Twitter, Facebook and the company’s own network.

The app has been made available for free because the company first wants it to be adapted as quickly as possible by the market. HeyZap can also give away free app because its web business is monetizing well which allows it to experiment well with the new app formats.

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