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ChatGPT based update for Email app blocked by Apple

Apple has blocked an update to BlueMail which consisted of ChatGPT tech.


  • ChatGPT based update for an Email app was blocked by Apple
  • Apple thinks the new update may not be appropriate for all ages
  • Apple may accept BlueMail’s appeal and revoke its decision

ChatGPT tech has taken the world by a storm and as OpenAI opens the gates for developers to integrate its language model in their apps, more apps are emerging with enhanced AI capabilities. One such app is the BlueMail Email app on App store whose update containing ChatGPT tech was blocked by Apple. Here’s why.

Ben Volach, co-founder of BlueMail developer Blix told The Wall Street Journal that an update to the BlueMail app with a customised version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT – 3 language model was blocked last week by Apple. The company asked the developers to revise the BlueMail’s age rating for those over 17 or implement content filtering, as it may produce content not appropriate for all audiences, according to a document viewed by Reuters.

“We want fair­ness. If we’re re­quired to be 17-plus, then oth­ers should also have to,” Volach tweeted while adding that many other apps that advertise ChatGPT-like features listed on Apple’s app store do not have age restrictions. “Apple has blocked the BlueMail update and continues to treat BlueMail unfairly and to discriminate against us,” Blix’s Ben Volach said.

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Presently, the app’s age restriction is set for users four and older. However, to get the update approved, BlueMail may have to increase the age to a point where Apple accepts it, unless the company accepts BlueMail’s appeal and responds to its complaint in a positive manner.

Meanwhile, ChatGPT-like AI models are being worked upon by some of the top players in the tech industry, such as Google and Meta. Snap also unveiled a new feature for its Snapchat Plus subscribers where they could talk to the AI chatbot that is, once again, based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

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