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Camgun debuts on Android

Use your smartphone's camera to shoot your friend down and take a picture and post it to the internet as well all this without getting your friend hurt with the new Camgun application for Android.

Since quite some time we all have been hearing a lot about augmented reality and how it can overlay virtual objects over real life objects. Camgun, a newly launched application on Android, takes gaming to a whole new level with incorporation of augmented reality in the best possible way.

One plays by tapping the gun icon in the upper left corner – it will appear on the screen in the same manner as a first person shooter. Then, tap the screen to fire, or tap the crosshairs icon to sight the gun. Press the camera icon to take a photo of the shot. This is simple which adds to the addiction of just cycling through the weapons, listening to the racking, and shooting whoever is near by.

The look and feel of the Camgun application is a bit more realistic than the existing games all thanks to the added augmented reality kick in the game. Uses need to shoot the opponent and then take a screenshot of the same and boast about it on the internet through Facebook integration that this application has. The game gives the option of choosing from five totally different weapons to kill the opponent, including the Star Wars’ light saber too. Users can adjust the effect of the kill by tweaking the settings of the application to get a more realistic kills.

Munsell, the creator of this application, calls this application as more of a camera application rather than a game. But, with its integrated and Geo tagging capabilities, it gives a whole new meaning to social gaming and would be fun to play as the developers are planning to add more effect and weapons to the application soon.

The Camgun application is available in both paid and free variants. If you do not wish to be annoyed by distracting ads during the kill time, you will have to pay a one time price of Rs 63 to get a paid version of the application. The application is available for v 1.5 and above but there are separate versions, one for Android V1.5 and 1.6 and the other one for Android V 2.0 and above.

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