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Boeing working on super secure Android phone

The phone will have security features to make it attractive but won't price it at mass-market values.

Boeing, a multinational aerospace and defense corporation, is quietly working on a super secure smartphone that will run Google operating system. Boeing Network and Space Systems president, Roger Krone confirmed this saying that the company will offer a communication device designed to use cellular networks. This smartphone is currently being referred as “the Boeing phone” and will not be a mass market device.

Boeing has chosen Google Android operating system for the phone which is near the end of its development cycle and almost ready for launch later this year. Brian Palma, vice-president, stated that the company will drive down towards a lower price point but not a mass market price point – hinting at the current consumer market smartphones.

Palma stated that the consumer products have outstripped the office centric Information Technology while the offices continue to have less robust computers and phones. The Android operating system was chosen because users of the high-end phones wish to use popular apps while making their business communications secure. More functionality from the security perspective would be added to the device.

Boeing officials did not divulge any more details vis-à-vis its specifications or even the hardware partner of the Boeing phone.

Despite recent reports of Android being plagued with malicious apps and patched, it indeed is interesting to see Android operating system being picked up to develop a super secure device. Of course, the Boeing phone may not be a mass market device, but the Android developers could certainly learn more about security enhancements from the Boeing’s software developers.

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