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Beyond the Classroom: Master Spellers makes learning fun

Master Spellers is an intuitive and competitive platform where children learn to speak the English language in methods aside from the traditional ones.

English is spoken extensively worldwide and is recognized as an official language in more than 60 countries. In today’s world, a good command of English is essential. While schools are doing their best to provide education, different online platforms, such as Master Spellers, are taking a unique and innovative approach to teaching the language.

What is Master Spellers?

Master Spellers emerged in 2021 as a platform dedicated to fostering a community enthusiastic about spelling and language acquisition. The initiative is built around organizing engaging competitions that welcome participants universally, aiming to collectively enhance linguistic abilities. The goal of Master Spellers is to stimulate autonomous learning among individuals, with a secondary emphasis on the competitive spirit, thereby prioritizing personal advancement. “Within a span of two years from its inception, Master Spellers earned a spot among the Top 10 language learning startups in India,” said Sharmishtha Chawda, founder of Master Spellers.

Distinct from traditional spelling bees, Master Spellers introduces a competitive framework that prompts participants to demonstrate their linguistic capabilities across various stages. Unlike the conventional format, where individuals are tested on their ability to spell words correctly under different difficulty levels, Master Spellers broadens the scope of competition.

Master Spellers organizes competitions that take place within educational institutions to create a friendly and collaborative environment for learners. This approach promotes engagement and encourages healthy competition among students. Additionally, the contests are integrated into the school curriculum, which enhances the learning process and complements the academic framework.

Master spellers grand finale

Leveraging technology, Master Spellers has developed a digital interface for conducting the preliminary and intermediate rounds of its contests, ensuring wider accessibility and convenience for participants. The culmination of the competition, however, is marked by an in-person finale hosted in an auditorium, thereby retaining the traditional excitement associated with competitive events.

Master Spellers is a competition that focuses on English-teaching schools as its primary audience. The competition is designed to be inclusive and offers children from Grade 1 to Grade 12 the opportunity to engage in the linguistic challenges posed by the platform. The aim is to provide a platform that encourages participation from schools where language skills are deemed essential within the educational program.

To amplify its reach and impact, Master Spellers has forged partnerships with over 400 schools in India, integrating its competitions into the schools’ language learning curricula. This strategic alliance not only broadens the platform’s participant base but also embeds Master Spellers within the academic ecosystem, making it a significant tool for language learning and development among young learners.

Master Spellers: Benefits

During the discussion, Chawda emphasized the numerous benefits that children can gain from participating in competitions hosted on the platform. One of the most significant advantages is the exposure to international material, which provides them with a chance to learn diverse nuances and expressions of the English language. The platform sources its educational resources from all over the world, including books and study materials, to ensure a holistic learning experience for the participants.

Master Spellers departs from traditional learning methods by adopting a “learn with fun” philosophy. This approach aims to engage and motivate participants through interactive and entertaining learning experiences, ultimately encouraging them to excel in the competitions, ” said Chawda.

What is master spellers

Master Spellers claims to offer practical application of English language skills beyond theoretical knowledge taught in schools.

Sharing an update on the strategic tie-up, Chawda said, “Master Spellers has partnered with Oxford University, demonstrating our commitment to high-quality education and granting participants access to excellent resources and methodologies to enhance their learning experience.” She further adds, “Incidentally, we are the first learning platform of its kind in India to partner with Oxford University UK.”

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Master Spellers: Pricing, Launch Plans & More

Master Spellers is a platform that is only available through their website. Chawda has confirmed that they do not have any plans to launch an app anytime soon. This decision is intentional, as Master Spellers aims to discourage mobile phone usage among students who use the platform.

As for the pricing, the platform follows a tier-wise pricing structure. This includes:

  • Rs 300 per student for registration and first round
  • Rs 600 for the second round
  • Rs 1,200 for the third round
  • Rs 1,500 for the fourth and final round

As students qualify, they register for subsequent rounds, progressing through the tiers based on their performance.

Individual participation is allowed with the same pricing. However, the school name must still be mentioned as Master Speller requires it.

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