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Better, cheaper and more tablet PCs coming

Worldwide PC market grew by 7 per cent with a major contribution to sales done by tablets.

If you are of the opinion that tablets are still catching up with the world then you are wrong. In the first quarter of this year tablet sales amounted to 6.4 per cent of global PC shipments, and 74 per cent of total tablet shipments were made by Apple, as per a research report by Canalys.

The tablet market has grown significantly and has affected global PC sales as tablets continue to extract their share of buyers’ IT spending capabilities. Growth in the market during the first quarter is proof that tablet sales are going to increase in times to come as more and more vendors enter this market. Canalys believes that the tablet market will see significant change worldwide as brands like Asus, RIM, BlackBerry and others start appearing around the world.

On its usage pattern, it finds that people do not use tablets just as an e-book reader, media player or for web browsing. Tablets that are available today offer all the functionality of a normal computer apart from the mobility feature.

In contrast with notebook computers, tablets are easy to use. With bigger 10 inch tablets coming to the market, people can enjoy features such as on screen typing apart from the viewing comfort.

One thing is true &#151 tablets are replacing devices at a fast pace and are becoming hot favourites amongst users. Many reasons can be attributed to this growth in the tablet market but the mobility advantage remains a key deciding factor as computing capabilities of tablets continue to grow.

The coming times will be crucial as we will see a bigger price war owing to multiple vendors entering with their variants of tablets. A simple example of this would be the market strategy change adopted by Samsung in the form of the sudden price drop of Galaxy Tab 7 from Rs 37,000 to Rs 27,000 after the official launch of iPad in India. So the times to come will bring good news for tablet users and prices are likely to fall due to competition. Plus buyers in India will have a wide choice of brands like BlackBerry, Asus, HTC, Acer and LG.

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