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Benefits of the Nokia-Microsoft partnership

How Nokia smartphones users will benefit from Nokia's partnership with Microsoft.

Nokia’s recent partnership with Microsoft has taken the world by shock, but smartphone users will benefit from it in many ways:

Better email solutions

Microsoft Mail Exchange has become an integral part of many businesses around the globe. People and organisations prefer MS exchange to any other service partly because it is compatible with MS office, which is used by millions of people. Among smartphones, BlackBerry is the king in mobile emailing solutions, but it has some issues with Microsoft Exchange. Now, with the Nokia and Microsoft partnership, devices with advanced mailing capabilities will be possible.

Mobile Office

Even with experiments from vendors all over the world, Nokia was unable to find a possible alternative to Microsoft Office Mobile, but with the partnership all Nokia devices are expected to have a far better version of Mobile Office, with minimal compatibility issues. Now, you can expect a future in which you don’t have Office reader suites to struggle with, but fully functional Office suites to access documents on your Nokia device.


The best thing about Microsoft is that it seamlessly connects to other Microsoft devices. Just like you could wirelessly connect your Xbox to your TV and stream media from a PC to a TV, you can now expect Zune- (Microsoft’s media player) like media capabilities built into new devices, along with a familiar user interface.

Smart backup solutions

Microsoft has implemented one great thing in present day smartphones that allows users to wirelessly take a backup of their data. Also, the moment a user connects to a Windows based PC, Windows automatically takes care of the backup, and syncs the device. Newer devices will also feature these functionalities, and with Microsoft’s amazing My Phone utility, users do not need to pay for smartphone backups, thus saving money and critical data.

Share Point

Organisations now understand the importance of working on a common platform, and they understand that, ideally, the platform should be globally available. Microsoft’s Share Point has been adopted by big organisations at a fast pace. Global adoption of Nokia’s newer generation smartphones, working on Share Point, will enable smooth and cheap collaboration within organisations.

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