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Battlegrounds Mobile India vs PUBG Mobile: The name is not the only difference

Battlegrounds Mobile India made its way to the country a few days ago in Early Access phase. The game has a few differences compared to the PUBG Mobile game that was banned in India last year

PUBG Mobile India’s remake specifically made for India was launched in “Early Access” phase a few days ago. The game is called Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and is so far being loved by the players who were missing the game since it got banned last September. 

Not only does the name of both the games differ, but there are a bit more differences beyond that. Apart from the name, you also get some visual changes and some other improvements as well. So let’s get you through them:

  1. Battlegrounds Mobile India requires a phone number for registration that should belong to your parents or guardian if you are under 18 years in age. In PUBG Mobile, this restriction wasn’t present and you could enter the game just by checking a box that you are not under 18 years of age. 

  2. The servers that will be used to store the data of BGMI players are located majorly in India or Singapore whereas earlier, the data of PUBG Mobile players was stored in servers that were based in China. Regarding this, the company recently faced a controversy where the company was sending data to China servers owned by Tencent, but was rectified later through an update. Players can change their server from settings page now if they aren’t 

  3. To make the game appear less violent, the game doesn’t show any blood related Red elements. The game now provides you an option for two colours including green and yellow and now when you kill a player, the prayer turns into green leaves instead of a falling dead body of the player. 

  4. The Gameplay management system is also receiving an update where the game now notifies the player more often to take a break compared to PUBG Mobile. The game reminds you that it is a fictional setting in a virtual world whenever you start a battle royale match and also sends a reminder to the player to check their posture and surroundings while playing BGMI.

  5. Once you start playing BGMI for the first time, the game greets you with a mini-game tutorial so you can get familiar with the controls of the game including moving, shooting, picking up weapons and other ones.

  6. In-game words such as ‘Killed’ that showed the players you have killed so far in the game, is now being replaced with the word ‘Finished’ to show how many players you have finished. 

  7. New players now also get in-game clothing options right from the beginning whereas in PUBG Mobile, players had no clothing options and had to acquire them along the way as they continued playing the game. 

  8. The graphics of the game have also received an upgrade compared to PUBG Mobile Lite but the FPS seemed unstable in our testing when compared to PUBG Mobile.

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