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Apple Vision Pro: Shocking Uses Found By Buyers

Apple Vision Pro is suitable for a lot of uses but some users have gone ahead an extra mile to find out unusual ways to use the headset.

Apple launched its mixed reality headset, Apple Vision Pro, in the United States on February 2, 2024. The headset claims to revolutionize the way users interact with their apps, entertainment, and each other in a spatial way. The device boasts a custom micro-OLED display, a dual-chip design, Spatial Audio, and a 3D camera with immersive Spatial Audio and Spatial Video. Critics and users alike have praised the device for its futuristic eye- and hand-tracking interface, stunning 3D video, and impressive AR apps. However, some users have discovered some unexpected and even alarming uses for the Apple Vision Pro. Here are some of the most surprising examples.

While driving a Tesla

A user of Apple Vision Pro recently uploaded a video on a social media platform in which he can be seen driving a Tesla while the Vision Pro is active. The video caught the attention of the police, who later arrested the person for using the technology while driving.

It is important to note that using any type of technology while driving can be extremely dangerous, as it diverts the driver’s attention from the road and increases the risk of accidents. In this case, using Vision Pro while driving is especially concerning as it is designed for stationary use and not for use while operating a vehicle. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that users of Vision Pro or any other similar technology refrain from attempting to use it while driving. Not only does it put the user at risk of harm, but it also endangers the lives of other drivers on the road.

While skateboarding

Vision pro uses

Second on the list is Casey Neistat, a popular YouTube vlogger. He recently shared a video of himself skateboarding while wearing the Apple Vision Pro headset. The Vision Pro headset comes with and cameras on the front that allow you to see through it, making it easy to skateboard while wearing it, as long as you have good control over the board. Neistat praised the Vision Pro by saying, “It’s not just great, it’s the single greatest piece of tech I’ve ever used” on X. It seems like he was pushing his limits while skateboarding because it’s a highly engaging sport and distractions can hinder one’s view.

While working in the subway

The next one is a funny one! A person was spotted wearing the Vision Pro while commuting in the New York City Subway system. Observers noticed that the person’s hands were in motion as if typing a message or some sort of content. The Vision Pro, being a wearable device, is capable of allowing the user to interact with various applications and features hands-free. It is possible that the person was using the device to stay connected or productive while on the go. Or maybe he is the kind of person who finishes his work at the last moment. Would you do something like that?

While walking on the street

This is an example of technology being taken too far! A person wearing a Vision Pro device was recently spotted crossing the street. While the device allows the wearer to see through it, it ultimately obstructs the wearer’s peripheral vision. It is highly dangerous.

It appears that some individuals prefer to always be in the company of others, but in the digital realm rather than in the real world. Some users of the Vision Pro have been observed wearing it while eating at a restaurant or having a coffee.

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While training

This is an interesting and useful case scenario. A video surfaced on X where it shows a user training with the Apple Vision Pro. The device helps by displaying a video that shows the correct technique for the user to follow.

While gambling

One of the most interesting uses that users figured out for Apple Vision Pro is that it can be used while gambling. A user went gambling while wearing the Apple Vision Pro, so maybe it can help you with the right move and help him recover the huge sum of $3,500 he spent on buying the headset. We don’t know, but it definitely has the internet intrigued. Also, can this be allowed? We wondering.

While cooking

Vision pro uses while cooking

It seems that the Apple Vision Pro has a useful feature when it comes to cooking. You can use it to conveniently look up recipes and find matches for the ones you have in mind. Additionally, if you pair it with a scale, you can utilize the guided weighing feature. This allows the device to display the correct amount of ingredients needed for the recipe you’re working on.

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