Apple Event 2020 :Apple Watch SE Priced at Rs 29,990

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Apple 'Time Flies' Event 15 September Highlights

The Time Flies Event that was held today in the Apple Park introduced us to the new products from Apple. Four new products have been launched by the Californian Giant which are the new iPad Air, the 8th Gen iPad, Watch Series 6 and the Watch SE.


Apple's new A14 Bionic chip will power the new iPad Air. It has a 10.9-inch 2360 × 1640 Liquid Retina LCD display. Touch ID has now moved to the top and will be integrated into the power button. Another change in the new iPad Air is the inclusion of Type-C port for charging instead of Apple's lightning port. This will help in the diversity of connectivity options available in the market. The new iPad Air will be available in October at Apple Authorised Resellers. Wi-Fi models of iPad Air will be available with a starting price of Rs 54,900 and Wi-Fi + Cellular models start at RS  66,900. new iPad Air, in 64GB and 256GB configurations, will be available in five beautiful finishes including silver, space gray, rose gold, green, and sky blue. 



The new 8th Gen iPad has a 10.2-inch retina display and is powered by Apple's A12 Bionic chip which has a 40% faster CPU. It also has Apple Keyboard and Apple Pencil support. The WiFi-only model will cost Rs 29,990 and the WiFi + Cellular model will cost Rs 41,900.


The Apple Pencil will retail for Rs 8500, and the Magic Keyboard will be priced at Rs 13,900.


The new Apple Watch Series 6 is powered by Apple's new 6th Gen Chip based on A13 Bionic and runs on Apple's new watch OS 7. It has a collection of brand new watch faces that are also integrated with apps. The new watch bands are also revealed which are called 'Solo Loops' and are stretchable. The watch now also has a blood oxygen sensor which can measure the oxygen in your blood. The watch is now also available as a part of Apple's Product Red lineup. The Watch Series 6 will start at Rs 40,990 for GPS variant and Rs 49,990 for GPS + Cellular variant.


The new Apple Watch SE is the affordable smartwatch which had already been leaked ahead of the launch. It runs on Apple's latest watch OS 7. The new watch is swim-proof, has a better Always-On display and also includes the new Always On Altimeter.


It has new watch faces like the Memoji watch face, has sleep tracking, fall detection, and is also two times faster than Watch Series 3.There is also a built-in compass and the crown on the watch for navigation across the OS is haptic feedback enabled. The new Apple Watch SE (GPS) starts at Rs 29,990, the GPS + Cellular version will cost Rs 33,990.


A bunch of new services were also revealed which include the new Apple One service which will consist of all the services from apple under a single plan. The services include Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News +, Apple Fitness +, Apple Arcade and iCloud.


The monthly plan of Apple One will cost Rs 195 and will include 50GB of iCloud storage. The Family Plan will consist of 200GB of iCloud storage at Rs 365 per month. The premier plan will offer 2TB of iCloud storage.


The new Apple Fitness+  subscription will allow you to reach your fitness goals with the help of various fitness videos from Apple's trainers and it will also have Apple Music integrated. New buyers of Apple Watch will have three months of free Apple Fitness + service.


The new Family Setup feature will help you stay connected to your family with the help of Apple Watch even if the other family member doesn't have an iPhone.


The new iOS 14, tvOS 14, WatchOS 7 and iPad OS 14 will be available publically starting tomorrow, and the new products will ship with these new versions.


23:35 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Tim Cook Signs off

Tim Cook signs off as the Apple event ends.

23:33 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

iOS 14 launch date revealed

The new iOS 14, WatchOS 7, TV OS 14 and iPad OS 14, will be available publically starting tomorrow! The new products revealed today will ship with these new updates.

23:32 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

iPad Air Price revealed

The Apple iPad Air will start at $599 and will be available starting next month!


23:30 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

iPad Air Specs

The new iPad Air will have a 13MP back camera, 7MP front camera, Stereo Audio system, Apple Pencil Support, Magic Keyboard Support and WiFi 6. The new iPad Air will have USB Type C for charging instead of Apple's own lightning port.


23:27 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

New apps for iPad!

New apps like DJ Pro App, Pixel Maker, enhanced console level graphics in games, have been introduced with the new iPad Air.

23:23 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

iPad will be powered by a new chip!

The new iPad Air will be powered by Apple's new A14 Bionic chip based on 5nm structure.

23:21 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

The new iPad Air!

The new iPad Air will be available in 5 new colours! It will have Touch-ID present on the power button. It features a 10.9-inch  2360 × 1640 liquid retina LCD display!

23:18 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

iPad price revealed!

The new iPad 8th gen will have a 10.2 inch retina display and will be priced at $329.


23:16 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

iPad Accessories and OS

The new iPad will run on iPad OS 14 and will have support for external keyboards from Apple and Logitech. The Apple Pencil is also supported.

23:14 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

The new iPad!

The new 8th Gen iPad will be powered by the A12 Bionic chip!


23:10 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Apple One service

The new Apple One service will consist of various services from Apple in a single plan.


23:09 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Apple Fitness + service price revealed

The price of the service stars at $9.99 per month or $79 for an year. Apple Watch buyers can get 3 months of service for free. You can also share the service with 5 family members.


23:03 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

The new Apple Fitness + program

The new Apple Fitness + service will help you get to your fitness Goals. It has integrated Apple Music so you can listen to music while working out. It also has training videos from various trainers around the world. It consists of various workout types like Yoga, Treadmill, Dance, etc.


22:59 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Apple Watch Availability revealed

The Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE will be available starting Friday!

22:58 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

A watch which is environment friendly

Apple talks about how the Apple Watch has been made with environmental friendly materials. Also, the USB power adapter has been removed from the box.

22:56 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Apple Watch Series 6 price revealed

The Apple Watch series 6 will start at $399


22:55 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Apple Watch SE is here!

The Apple Watch SE has been introduced with the S5 chip and bunch of similar specifications same as the Watch Series 6. It starts at $279.


22:52 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

A new feature called Family Setup

Family Setup will help you stay connected to your family even if they don't have an iPhone.

22:51 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Brand new watch bands

The new watch bands are called Solo Loops!

22:49 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Bunch of new watch faces

Apple will introduce a bunch of new watch faces that also collaborate with apps.


22:48 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Better Always On Display on Apple Watch

Apple watch has a better always on display which is 2.5% more brighter and also has an always-on altimeter for your hiking activity


22:44 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Blood Oxygen measurement

Apple watch will now be able to measure your blood oxygen levels and can notify about any of the health issues related to it.

22:44 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Apple Event Live webcast

22:43 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Apple Watch will be available in Red colour

Apple watch, for the first time, will be available in Red Colour as a part of Apple's Product Red lineup


22:41 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Here's the Apple Watch series 6

The apple watch series 6 has been unveiled!


22:40 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

No, Steve Jobs theatre this time!

Departing from the usual practice of hosting the Apple event at Steve Jobs theatre this time around  Tim is presenting from corridors of the Apple Park.

22:36 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Tim Cook Spills the beans

Tim Cook has cleared the air and said today's event is all about Apple Watch and iPad.  Announcement about   iPhone 12  will come at another event.

22:36 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Tim Cook talks about the features of Apple Watch

Tim talks about how the features of Apple watch has simplfied people's lives and even saved the lives of some!


22:34 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Tim Cook Arrives

The event begins with Tim Cook talking about how they will launch 2 products today, Apple Watch and iPad!


22:30 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

The event has begun

The Apple 'Time Flies' event has officially begun!


22:26 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Tim Cook's Tweet is here

Set to begin in 4 minutes, Tim Cook tweets for the event!

22:25 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

More than 200,000 people waiting for Apple Event to start on Youtube

Apple event is going to start anytime now and more than 200,000 people are waiting for it to start as per the youtube watch page.


22:10 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Expected Announcements

This is Apple's second major launch event after the Annual WWDC event which was held back in June of this year. It is expected that Apple will be launching the new iPad Air 4, the Watch Series 6 along with an affordable Watch which should be called the Apple Watch SE, AirTags which are kind of tracking devices for your keys or other valuable things.

22:01 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Where can you watch the Event?

The Apple event is about to begin in 29 minutes. You should be able to watch the event on Apple's own website, on their YouTube channel and on the Apple TV app.

20:59 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Apple iPad Air 4 (Rumored Specifications)

 Apple iPad Air 4 is expected to be to launched today and as per the rumours, it will have an edge-to-edge screen, faster processor and a USB-C connector. Their is a possibility that it will be the first Apple product to have the TouchID integrated into the side-mounted power button.

20:57 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Apple iPhone 12 models may not launch today

Apple iPhone 12 models aren't expected to be unveiled at this event because of the delay Apple has faced in its Supply chain, the main cause of which is the pandemic. Apple is expected to hold a separate launch event for iPhone 12 series. 


20:55 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Tim Cook tweets about the event

Tim Cook, CEO, Apple seems to be excited about the upcoming event and tweeted about it.


Tim Cook tweet

20:53 (IST)

15 Sep 2020

Apple website getting ready for new products

In a few hours from now, Apple event will commence and in the meantime, Apple is updating its website as it mentions "Be right back". 


apple event

Apple is going to live-stream its 'Time Flies' event in a couple of hours from now. Apple is expected to release a couple of new products. The live stream of the event will begin at  10:30p.m. IST on Apple's own website and YouTube as well. This time around, we can expect Apple to release a new iPad Air, and the brand new Watch Series 6. Apple is also expected to release an affordable variant of its Watch that is likely to be called Apple Watch SE. 

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