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Apple iPhone 4s catches fire, recorded on camera

Latest to join the burning Smartphone bandwagon is the iPhone 4s smartphone which apparently caught fire while the user had it placed in its back pocket.

Smartphones are pitched as a device which makes the life of its users simple but in recent times globally some of the leading smartphones have been reported to have caught fire. Latest in this regard is the iPhone 4S, which apparently caught fire while the user had it slipped in the back pocket of his trousers.

The guy, in Finland, while climbing down from his car was shocked when his iPhone heated up and started smoking. The users immediately took out the iPone from his back pocket and threw the phone away from him.

All this shocking action was caught on tape by a parking lot camera which also showed that the user luckily escaped burns and only got to feel the heat as the aftermath of the whole incident.

After the recent incident of exploding Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone in Dublin this is the most recent incident of smartphone bursting into flames. Although reasons behind, why iPhone 4S was burning are unclear as neither the user nor the company, Apple, released any statement on the exploding device.

One reason that can be attributed to the rise in heat and moisture while the device was kept in the back pocket which might have led to the overheating of the device and ultimately bursting in to flames and smoke.

Apple seems to be unaware of the incident but we hope we will soon get to hear more information on this from the company soon enough.

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