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Android Market updates itself

For now, users can only see the overall rating, but will soon be told how the figure was arrived at. For example, they would know how many users gave that app four star reviews and how many gave it two star reviews etc.

Android Market is receiving new features from Google all the time, and this time it’s about the descriptions page in the web version of Market. On the page in which users see the average rating of the app, at the bottom they can view the breakdown of app reviews as well.

Earlier, users could only see the overall rating of a particular app, but now they will know how that rating was arrived at. For example, they will know how many users gave the app four star reviews; how many gave it two star reviews and so forth.

The update was rolled out in the Android Market on Friday. It would be great if Google can also provide users the facility to jump to one or two-star reviews only. The reason is that some users who rate an app poorly may have genuine problems with the device, and it works both ways, future users may get the power of information and the app creators will get feedback regarding their products if they can access poor ratings. In related news, Noah Bordner, a game developer, said in a blog post that the perception about Android Market among users, that they should only look for free apps on the platform, is misplaced.

He further added that it is easier to spot the good apps on Android Market rather than on iTunes because most apps are average and the good ones therefore stand out. Also, paid apps are easier to find on Android because they are clearly demarcated from free ones.

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