Amazon introduces School from Home store on its platform

By: The Mobile Indian network, New Delhi Last updated : June 11, 2020 10:38 am

The new store is live and it comes with curated items for students studying from home.

Amazon has today announced the launch of its new School from Home store on its e-commerce platform. The new store is live and it comes with curated items for students studying from home. 


The company has revealed that recent search trends on Amazon portal have shown a surge in search for work and school from home-related items. The company says that there is a 1.7X increase in headphones and earphones, over 2X increase for laptops and tablets, nearly 1.2X increase for stationery, over 2X increase for mouse and keyboards, 1.3X increase for printers, over 3X increase for routers and 2.5X increase for study table.


 The ‘School from Home’ store on has been created on the basis of this insight to simplify the shopping experience for parents. Customers can also avail a host of offers and deals on ‘School from Home’ essentials such as Textbooks and study guides, Stationary, Writing essentials, Laptops, Tablets & PCs, Keyboard & Mouse,  Headsets & Speakers, Printer and Home furnishing like Cabinets, Bookshelves, Study lamps and so much more.



Previously, Amazon introduced a dedicated mask store on its website. Amazon Fashion’s all-new dedicated mask store offers over 500 cloth masks from over 35 sellers across the country.


This includes cloth masks from leading brands like Louis Phillippe, Max and W for Women, but also from local sellers and niche players like Wear Your Opinion, Bon Organik, Rapsodia among others. This will allow shoppers to stay in touch with their personal style while being adequately protected.


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