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Adobe comes out with touch apps for Android tabs

Among the apps include Photoshop Touch for image editing, Adobe Ideas for sketching and more.

Adobe has come out with five new touch apps for Android tablets, with each of the app priced at $9.99 (about Rs 500). The apps, which bring forth different functionalities from the Adobe’s Creative Suite, were announced about a month back and they include Photoshop Touch for image editing, Adobe Ideas for sketching, Adobe Proto for prototyping mobile apps and sites.

Adobe has said the iOS versions of the same apps are also in the pipeline. Adobe Ideas is already available on iOS devices and the company believes the rest of the four apps will make it to the iOS devices within one year. Adobe will also offer paid membership to the users early next year.

Adobe Ideas is a very straightforward app which is just a vector based sketchpad. It offers different colour and pen sizes, and the facility of multiple undo. Users can also use different layers and whenever they have to do some detailed work, they can go for pinch to zoom function. It executes a very simple concept very elegantly. It uses the tablet experience very well, and is not limited due to its tendency to adopt desktop concepts on tablets.

Photoshop Touch does have the basic user interface in the tablet form, but it’s different from desktop version at the same time. Photoshop Touch is different because the edited images affect the original image file as well, so users need to be sure of what they are doing while editing. Photoshop Touch will soon have access to fonts being streamed from Adobe’s servers.

The next in the list is Kuler app, which builds colour palettes for the users. When the users create their colour mixes, these can be used in photographs but the app is more useful when it is used with other apps from Adobe. Adobe Proto is the wire framing tool, which helps sketch functional designs.

Users can draw grids, buttons, link, text and even additional pages. Adobe has also come out with some new gestures, such as when users draw a triangle to bring a video to a page and more.

The last two apps in the list are Collage and Debut. Collage allows the users to work with images and texts whereas Debut allows users to import PDF, Illustrator and Photoshop Files.

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