How to blur the background in Skype call?

By: The Mobile Indian network, New Delhi Last updated : July 21, 2020 4:26 pm

Here are some ways how you can blur your background.

Skype recently launched a feature by which you can blur the background of your video call. This is extremely helpful during professional environments if your home isn't looking up to the mark. You can also add other backgrounds. This is a great privacy tool and here is how you can equip and use it.


For Mac, Windows or Linux

  1. During a call, hover over the video button video button or click the more menu More menu.
  2. Click Choose background effect.
  3. ou can Blur the room you're in currently, choose an image you previously added, or Add a new image to customize your background effect.

You can choose to set it as the default option by following these steps:


  1. Click your profile picture.
  2. Click Settings button Settings then click Audio and video button Audio & Video.
  3. Under Choose background effect, you can Blur the room you're in currently, choose an image you previously added, or Add a new image to customize your background effect.

For iPhone & iPad

  1. During a call, tap the more menu More menu
  2. Switch Blur my background on.

Skype hasn't yet enabled this feature for Android, but it is in the works currently.

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