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How to use Google Lens to copy, paste text from mobile to PC ?

The new feature works via Google Docs which opens up on Chrome browser.

Have you ever wondered if it’ll be possible to move text from your smartphone to computer without any effort? Well, it’s happening now and Google is offering this feature via the Lens software available on your Android phone’s camera. “Now, when you select text with Lens, you can tap “copy to computer” to quickly paste it on another signed-in device with Chrome, Google said in its blog post. This way you don’t have to rewrite the notes from a notepad to your PC.

How it works

To make this feature work, follow these steps:


Open Lens app from the camera on your android phone or use Google app on iOS

Step 2:

Select the handwritten text from your notepad

Step 3:

After that you’ll notice a tab at the bottom of the screen with the option ‘copy to computer’, click on it

Step 4:

Open Google Docs on Chrome web browser on your PC and make sure it is updated to the latest version

Step 5:

Click on Edit option and select Paste to get the copied text your Docs page

Step 6:

The phone to PC link will be only possible if both the devices are signed in with the same Google account.

Things to remember

For this feature to work your handwriting should be neat which will be selected by the phone’s camera (Lens app) depending on its quality and how it reads the text you’ve copied.

Google has been adding a slew of features to its Lens camera app, which is quite an effective tool for translation as well. You can simply place the camera in front of the text (from the image of the book) that you want to translate, select the language in which you want to read and the result will be produced in few seconds in front of you. These nifty tools have been developed using Google’s advanced processing in machine learning which has become smarter using the data fed by millions of users from across the globe.

Note: Update is released in a phased manner. if your phone has not got it, wait for a couple of days.

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