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Foamstars Is Coming To PS Plus In February 2024

Foamstars, a 4 vs 4 colourful party shooter game has now been confirmed to arrive on Playstation via the PS Plus subscription next month.

Foamstars, the colorful party shooter from Square Enix, is coming to PlayStation Plus on February 6, 2024 as a free monthly title. The game was first announced in May 2023, and had a closed beta test in December 2023. Here’s what all you expect from the shooter title.

Foamstars: All Details

Foamstars is a new 4v4 shooting game where players can enjoy a combination of a party-like atmosphere where mysterious foam builds up around them. It features three different modes: Smash The Star, Happy Bath Survival, and Rubber Duck Party. In each mode, players use foam guns to spray their opponents and the environment with various effects. The game also has a Mission Mode, where players can either play solo or cooperate with up to three friends to fight against waves of enemies.

In Smash The Star, Players win by taking down the opposition’s designated Star Player. After defeating 7 players from the opposing team, one of the remaining players will be granted several buffs and appointed the Star Player. The Happy Bath Survival mode features split teams with half inside the arena and half outside for each round, competing to take down the opposing team’s players inside the arena first. Outside players can assist their teammates with defensive foam.

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Finally, in Rubber Duck Party mode, the teams have to race to the centre of the stage and fight for possession of the rubber duck, as climbing aboard will advance it into the opposition’s goal. Dancing on the duck’s head will make it sprint towards the finish line to win the match.

There’s also no respawn limit in this game mode. To move faster across the vast map and protect the rubber duck from the enemy, players must work together and spray foam on the ground and their foes. Aside from these, there are also team missions where players can cooperate with up to 3 friends to take on the challenge.

Some challenges will offer rewards when completed. For example, The Baristador character is unlockable by clearing the Reach Player Level 3 Anytime challenge. Foamstars will receive seasonal updates over the span of one year. Also, a Season Pass will be available for each season, offering multiple bonus items. Players can increase their tier by earning XP from battling or completing missions. Rewards will be unlocked as player’s tiers increase.

On top of seasonal exclusive content and skins—additional characters, maps, and modes will also be released throughout the year.

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