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Top 5 useless apps for Android

Here we have found several applications that have no use for the device or the user but still exist on Android.

Everyone keeps talking about the best apps and the most useful ones, but going off beat here we have tried accumulating some useless applications, on store, for you this time. These applications have no actual use in the world but they exist nonetheless, and of the many useless apps these five made it to our list so read on.

Clic Clac

Clic Clac for Android is one of the most legitimate useless applications out there. Legitimate because the developers out rightly claim that it is useless and we appreciate that. The application combines two screens, one clic and one clac that work on simple touches one after the other and the cycle is repeated endlessly.
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While doing that the screen showcases how many clicks you have managed to do so far and on the upper hand side of the screen some random lines appear every time one clicks the screen.
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The application is utterly useless but gives some good exercise for the thumbs and helps users deplete their battery and internet data, which the application requires endlessly for showcasing the random lines on the top.
Fingerprint Mood Scanner

Of the many fingerprint scanning applications available on Android the fingerprint mood scanner is the most complex sounding and the most useless application available today. The application supposedly scans the user’s thumbprint and predicts the mood of the person using the app, and offers random predictions based on that particular mood.
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Everything works perfectly but the bottom-line is that it’s just a prank application that does not do anything for users but throw random and useless predictions at them, which most of the time make no sense at all.

The good thing is that it can be used to prank innocent friends and family members who are a little technologically backward.

Mosquito Repellent

In a sub tropical climate like ours it’s hard to get rid of mosquitoes at any time of the year and, well, the Mosquito Repellent application is not the solution for that. The developers claim that this application makes the smartphone emit ultrasonic waves that cannot be heard by users but are deafening to mosquitoes, but we have got some news for all those who have been using this application and have nevertheless been bitten by mosquitoes—the application does not work.
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Adding to its uselessness the application makes the smartphone emit annoying sounds that hurt the human ear too.

This application offers various sound frequencies that humans are immune to and you can try the permutations and combinations for hours and hours, but there will be no results as nothing is affecting the mosquitoes and the only things affected are your smartphone battery and your ears.
Solar Charger

Scientists globally are working on displays that can double up as solar cells, thereby offering a free and renewable source of energy for mobile devices, but they have not made any big breakthrough yet. And if you thought that by installing an application on your Android smartphone you would be able to charge your smartphone then you have been a victim of the same joke that the developers wanted you to play on your friends and family members.
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The solar charger application senses any bright source of light and tricks the smartphone into thinking that it is being charged while it is actually being discharged.

Although it’s good for flaunting sometimes and showing off in front of a few friends, otherwise this application is an absolutely useless one having no functionality whatsoever.

Useless Button

And to top the utter useless applications charts we have the Useless Button application that has a big red button right in the center of the device’s homescreen, which users can click to make annoying sounds and nothing else at all. There are no swanky graphics or anything, it’s just the button and the annoying click sound every time you press it.
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The description of the app is honest enough and the developers do not claim anything useful, but, honestly, the question that pops up in any able mind is why developers even spend time making such applications, though there is that evergreen reason-that at the end of the day, everything is useless.

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