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Top 5 Smart IoT Plugs

If you want to turn your dumb home appliances smart without replacing them, smart plugs are the way to go.f you are looking to get one of these smart plugs, our list of Top 5 Smart Plugs will help you make the right purchase

IoT (internet of things) powered smart devices have surrounded us. From Smart TVs to Smart Fridges, everything can be controlled with your voice thanks to the interconnected world of IoT. But we Indians are known for holding on to legacy appliances for ages thus them lacking smart features. For these legacy appliances, smart plugs are a great option. You can simply plug in your appliances into these plugs and can control them with your voice.

These plugs fit into any wall socket point and then can be used like any normal plug point. They work of smart assistants like the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. If you are looking to get one of these smart plugs, our list of Top 5 Smart Plugs will help you make the right purchase

Wipro 16 Amp Smart Plug- Rs 999

Wipro’s !6 Amp Smart plug is great for indoor usage. The plug can handle large appliances like A/C, Fridge, Microwave etc. It has a tri style connector. It works of Amazon Alexa or Google assistant. The plug has a physical on/off switch as well but can also do the same with your voice.

This smart plug does not need a hub to function and can also be remotely controlled via the Wipro Smart app. You can set schedules and also monitor the energy consumption of your appliances.

TP-Link HS100 Smart Plug- Rs 1799

This offering from TP-Link is a great alternative to your conventional plugs. This smart plug works of both Alexa and Google Assistant and can switch your device on or off with just your voice. The Plug also has a physical on/off switch for manual control. The plug does not need a hub to function and can also remotely work off the Kasa App.

The plug can be scheduled to turn your appliances on or off at specific time. It also has an” away” mode that makes it appear that you are home even when you are not by switching on certain appliances such as a lamp at different times.

The plug also lets you know the power consumption of these appliances. It should be noted that is uses an European plug and an adapter must be used in order to connect Indian appliances. It has a power rating of 16W.

Helea 16A Wi-Fi Smart Plug- Rs 1090

The Helea 16A Wi-Fi smart plug is great for large appliances. The plug has an in-built surge protector and a flame retardant to protect your devices. The plug can be controlled with either Alexa or Google assistant in order to switch on or off your connected appliances. It has tri-pin connector that requires no adapter for Indian appliances.

It can monitor the energy used by each appliance and be remotely controlled via the companion app. You can also set schedules and timers for your devices to switch on or off at a particular time. It has a physical power switch at the top for manual power control.

Syska SSK-MWP -002 ABS Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Plug- Rs 1099

This smart plug from Syska is a great option if you want to wirelessly control your non-smart appliances. This plug can be controlled with your voice using Alexa or Google assistant. It has a tri-pin socket which is valid for Indian appliances. You can shut off or turn on your connected appliances with your voice or by using the on-device physical button.

You can schedule and set timers from the companion app. It also prevents your devices from overheating by monitoring their temperature.

Amazon Echo Flex

Although not a smart plug, the Echo flex can connect to your existing socket and give the functionalities of Alexa. It’s a tiny plugin with a speaker and a light. It can answer your questions, play music and control your smart devices just like any other echo device.

It has a physical button to disable the mic and a button to invoke Alexa. The Flex can be set up via the Alexa on your or Android. It is also equipped with Flex. It also has a port to charge your devices.

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