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Top 5 projectile games on Android

Best free projectile games at Android Market for free.

Today, Android is considered the numero uno operating system as it not only has numerous applications but also boasts a vast number of games of different genres. Among different genres, projectile games have gained much popularity for their simple controls and gameplay.

You don’t need any hardware buttons or keys to play this game; all you need is a touchscreen device, and skill.

Here we have shortlisted the best projectile games on Android.

Pool Master Pro

Pool Master Pro, as the name suggests, is a lot like real life pool. This Android game is available in both eight and nine ball varieties, in different challenging environments and player modes. Users can choose to play against the computer or with another person by taking turns on the same device.

For beginners, the game offers ample opportunity to practice and play, so don’t sweat if you know nothing about pool. You will stumble upon all the rules and tricks of the game in a very short while.

The game is optimised for minute movements and tweaks, so even the slightest change in the angle of a ball or the striker will result in a completely different shot. The physics engine that takes care of the balls’ movement is very refined and is one of the main reasons for the game’s popularity.

For a detailed review of the game, please see our previous article by clicking this link.
###PAGE###Dragon Hunter

This is a projectile based shooter game where you get to play the role of the arrow man whose goal is to protect the castle from dragons. The first level of the game gives you basic hints for aiming and hitting with the help of a visible projectile path so that you get a fair idea as to how much force and what angle to use while shooting the dragon.

You can choose direction by placing their fingers on the desired place. The force with which the arrow is shot depends on how long you keep your finger on the screen. So the longer you keep your finger on the screen, the faster the arrow flies.

Because you are a dragon hunter, you’re paid for every dragon you kill. This money can be used to upgrade weapons and increase the power of attacks, strengthening the castle and so on. Upgrades get costlier as you progress in the game so you will have to choose well and decide what you need. Since the inflow of money is really slow, spend wisely.

###PAGE###Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja, which is also available on iOS, was recently added to Android Market as a free application. Even though it is relatively new, it has managed quite a following with its psychotic, fruit slicing action.

Simple yet intriguing, in this game the player only has to slice the fruits thrown at him.

Here also you have to control the angle and the strength of the blade before you swing it across the screen, so being alert all the time is imperative.

Fruit Ninja has three game play modes including Classic, Zen and the new Arcade, featuring power ups including Freeze, Frenzy and Double Score at regular intervals. The Dojo section is the bonus section in the game that has unlockable blades and backgrounds which unlock after some effort.

The defender is a castle based shooter game where you play the archer, whose aim is to protect the castle from monsters.

Like in Dragon Hunter, here too you have to control the intensity and angle of the arrow. Besides, here you have to be swift while shooting as well. As the levels proceed, the monsters grow stronger and you need to be both, clever and fully upgraded, to face them. You can choose the direction by placing your finger on the desired place and the character in the game will shoot an arrow at the place.

The game has a variety of spells as well, which protect the castle when monsters attack in swarms or when arrows deal too little damage. To cast these spells, you need the Mana power, which is available in limited quantities, so you need to be really judicious while using it.###PAGE###

Galactic Shooter

Ever wondered if you could play with the planets and stars? Well, the game Galactic Shooter involves just that.

Galactic Shooter Lite is like snooker in terms of action. Players have to use their snooker or pool skills to achieve the target, which is to cover a star with the moon or a smaller planet while avoiding obstacles. The game is based on projectile inputs and users can control the angle, speed and direction of the hit. The player is an alien who sits in his spacecraft and shoots at other planets or stars.

The developer has released just the lite version of this application that has 15 levels with different levels of difficulty and target. There are also plans to launch the paid version of this app soon, and that will feature 30 levels with a new graphic interface, and a level creator that will allow users to design their own custom levels.

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