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Top 5 navigation apps for Android

If you are not satisfied with Google Maps, here are few navigation providing apps that you can consider for you Android devices

Most of us equate Google Maps with location services but Google is filled many such applications. Besides there are other applications which offer many navigation related services, from location based social networks to GPS testing tools.
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Here we have carefully selected few such navigation related apps for Google based devices.

GPS Test

How does one actually know whether the built-in GPS on the smartphone is working properly or not? Get the GPS tested with the handy GPS Test application that shows the GPS signals as a bar chart along with level of accuracy and status of the GPS. It does take a while to understand the technical values but comes in very handy when you are stuck in a remote or unknown location.
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If you are away from the cellular networks, then the GPS test shows you the speed, heading and altitude that you are travelling at. Not only that, the app also allows to see the current time and local time in the timezone along other timing details such as sunrise and sunset. Only sad part is the one can’t share the location from the free version of the app.

Maps by MapMyIndia

MapMyIndia offers detailed mapping and navigation service with street level maps for over 4000 cities of India, house-level detail for 36 cities, 20 cities in full 3D and 6.3 million unique destinations. The app has been spruced up with cosmetic update that also improves the responsiveness. With the MapMyIndia Navigator app, users can search places and mark their favourite locations, and can find places like restaurants, ATMs, hotels, hospitals and more by category or name.
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Users can then select and navigate to the destination chosen and save frequented destinations as favourites. Moreover, the application automatically generates a new route if the driver misses a turn. Users can shake their phone to instantly start navigation to their home address from wherever they are. On major highways, the application notifies drivers when they exceed the posted speed limit. The MapMyIndia Navigator app switches to night-time mode automatically, allowing for safer viewing conditions while driving at night.


Waze offers free travel directions just like other GPS based navigation apps. Waze provides alerts as on-screen pop-ups along with audio notification. Street level navigation can be enjoyed over the simple user interface featuring large size software buttons. The maps can be used in regular mode and even night mode. Waze anchors the social connect that allows the users to spot fellow folks on the map.
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Waze utilises inputs from local users to provide alerts and information to other users in order to make driving easier. For instance, a Waze user can upload information about a traffic jam or about an accident that has caused a jam on a particular route, and the application will make the information available to other users opting for that route. Thankfully the app works for variety of devices but requires active connection to load maps on the go.

GPS Status & Toolbox

For the advanced users, the GPS Status & Toolbox is a very handy app to tweak the location locking and positioning of the smartphone. The app shows comprehensive data about the satellite strength, accuracy, speed, acceleration, altitude, bearing, pitch, roll and battery state.
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Every Android phone with support accumulates that data but it also makes the location fix slower over a period of time. Enjoy faster location fix by resetting and downloading fresh A-GPS data from its tools section. The tools also include leveling tool, compass with magnetic and true north direction, and sharing the current location values.

Sygic India

Sygic India maps app offers turn by turn directions to the users driving around town, the state and the country. Best part is that there is no need of active data connection. Sygic in India uses MapMyIndia maps and users can download the maps to be used offline. Sygic Maps offers country specific speed alerts so that one does not have to break speed limits laws in the specified country. Although the app is free to download, one can purchase regional map packs from the app itself.
top five apps
Searching for places and share them with friends over social networks. Learn about important events from the street level based maps. Sygic Maps supports active traffic updates and route calculation as well.

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