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Top 5 innovative accessories for smartphones

Got a smartphone? Then its times to make it even smarter with these accessories.

Gone are the days when accessory meant only covers and screen protectors. Now there are myriad things available for smartphones of all kinds that optimize their usages and make them really smart.

Optical zoom kit

Smartphones had earlier lacked optical zoom facility which used to be a big differentiator between them and DSLRs. But not anymore. These days optical zoom kits are available for as low as Rs 999 (you might discover cheaper ones as well) which adds the optical zoom feature to your device.
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All you have to do is attach the kit as instructed on your smartphone camera lens and you are good to go. The trend was first started by Sony which way back in 2013 itself released detachable lenses for its flagship devices (Read the report here). But now there are several small time players which have flooded the market with their own cheap optical zoom kits.

However, please go through the product pages carefully before buying anything. Don’t forget to check out compatibility features especially.

VR Kit

Google cardboard and Lenovo’s TheaterMax have already popularized the virtual reality concept. But now third parties too have joined the league. These days, cheap VR kits are available in India. Fully assembled VR cardboard kits are available for as low as Rs 149 as well.
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Though as of now, not much VR contents are available but with passing time more and more VR compatible apps and games will be launched and that’s why a VR kit is definitely a nice accessory to have.


It is also known as 3D screen magnifier. These are very cheap and you may get it from your local shop for as low as Rs 60.
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As its name suggests, the device simply magnifies the content displayed on your phone’s screen. Some of these come in box shape; all you have to do is to keep your phone on the other end of the box and enjoy movies on the bigger screen of the magnifier. Usually, these devices magnify the content by 2-3 times. These do not need any power, so you can use these anywhere.


A magnifier can be used by one or two persons at a time to enjoy movies and using that you can only see things just 2-3 times bigger. However, what if you want to enjoy movies on a bigger scale and you have several friends or family members? Well for that you need a projector. Yes you heard it right. These days, projectors are available even for mobile phones.
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These projectors cost about Rs 1,000 and allows projecting videos and movies stored on smartphone on any opaque surface like wall. They offer magnification of about eight times.

Smart Ring
top five accessories
Well there are smart phones, smart watches and now there are smart rings too. Such rings are available for around Rs 1,000 from almost all e-retailers. These rings work on NFC and allow users to lock apps, share business card, share internet link, share text and share online file etc.

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