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Top 5 Health and Fitness apps for Android

A healthy lifestyle is important and with most of our daily work spent in our office, it's time we deviate our focus towards health. Let's look out for some of the best health and fitness apps for Android platform.

The number of applications added to Android Play Store daily is enormous and no matter what bizarre purpose you seek, we have an app for everything. One particular category which has been trending a lot recently is – Health. Probably the two biggest online marketplace for apps – App Store and Play Store are flooded with apps related to health and fitness which at the end of the day makes it difficult for a user to choose the most suitable among them all. Not to worry, we tried a bunch of health and fitness apps for you and here are our top 5 picks.


MyFitnessPal is one of the most recommended apps by all the fitness professionals out there and there is a reason for it. This app has everything you seek for a healthier lifestyle. Once you create an account on the service, the app will create a calorie intake goal for you based on the information you provide such as your age, height, weight, daily activity, fitness goals etc. Post this you add your daily food intake and exercises you do to get a summarise view at the end of the day. Further, this also helps the app to track your progress which is then displayed under the Progress tab. MyFitnessBlog includes tonnes of articles relating to various exercises and recipes. For those who don’t find their meals in the calorie-counter list can simply add one by adding it inside the Recipe, Meals and Food menu. Apart from this, you can add reminders, count steps, explore the community where you can find various success stories, FAQs etc. If you are really bad at managing your lifestyle especially when it comes to health, you ought to try MyFitnessPal app. There is also a Premium service available for Rs 253/month if paid annually.

Nike+ Training

If you are one of those who find it difficult to engage in a workout session, Nike+ Training is for you. The app comes with a really interesting User Interface with workout videos present all across. We really liked Nike+ Training for two reasons – the quality of content you find on this app is exceptional and second, it really shines when it comes to usability. In order to watch a detailed video of a workout, you simply select the workout and hit download. Further, you can also add your own music to a workout which really helps users to engage in a session. You can chromecast all these videos to your TV screen directly from the app. We also get something called ‘Feed’ where all the recommendations, new articles, videos are added. Besides, you can also create your own plan by providing certain information such as regularity of your workouts, age, height, weight etc. The app will analyze all this information and bake in a workout plan just for you. All in all, we found Nike+ Training to be a lot different than most of the fitness apps out there. Highly Recommended!

Interval Timer

Intervals or Breaks between workouts is important. Whats even more important is the duration of these intervals. A shorter interval might put a lot of pressure on your body while an interval, if too long, takes away the core purpose of workout i.e. endurance. A simple solution to this can be this app called Interval Timer. There is no workout plans, diet plans, recipes, trainer etc. but simply a timer to keep a track on your workouts. Opening up the app, you will get three options – Set the number of sets, Set work interval and set rest interval. So the next time you are in a middle of a set and don’t know when to start, Interval Timer might help.

7 Minute

If you are a busy person and are struggle to take out an extra hour to hit the gym, 7 Minute fitness app might close the deal for you. The app is simple to use for those doesn’t have their own customized workout. You can choose from a bunch of workouts such as the Classic, Leg Workout, Butt Workout or a 30-day challenge where the app will track your daily workouts and help you achieve the goal. Each workout set has detailed instructions for the exercises it involves along with demonstrative videos. That does make sense because if you are spending only about 7-10 minutes a day on working out your body, it better be efficient. You can also customize the rest time, countdown time, repeat circuits and even the voice inside the Settings menu. Further, one can set reminders, add his or her health data for better results and also connect the app with other services like Fitbit and Google Fit. To sum up, if time is your enemy, 7 Minute can be a great fitness friend.

My Plate

Well, health and fitness doesn’t entirely depend on the kind of workout you do but also on the kind of food you eat. Yes, a lot of fitness experts all around the world have emphasized the importance of diet in the fitness encyclopedia. My Plate is an app which is an app for all those who want a complete control over their diet. The app lets you choose a weight goal and pops up a bunch of diet plans of different difficulty levels. Further, you can easily keep a record of your food habits by adding in the calorie count whenever you have something throughout the day. For those who do not get aligned with the given plans, one can also create his/her own plan as per his needs. Also, apart from calorie goal, you can also set a calorie burned goal, macronutrients goal, micronutrients goal etc. Apart from this, we also get some really well-written articles on diet and nutrition inside the community section which further motivate users to give up on unhealthy lifestyle. There is also a Gold version of the app which you can subscribe for about Rs 660/month, Rs 1928/6 months (approx.) and Rs 2,971/year (approx.)


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