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Top 5 free expense management apps for Android

Record, track and analyze your personal expenses right on your Android smartphone.

Keeping track of daily expenses is a bit time consuming, but it certainly gives clarity to a person: where did the money go? If you are often left broke and wondering at the end of the month, it is a good time to get started with tracking your personal finances. Before you make drastic changes you can start by recording and tracking your daily, weekly or monthly expenses.
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Here are five free apps that will help not only in expenses or income tracking, but some will even allow setting budgets, or give reminders about due bills.


Frequent travelers and those who move to new places should get the Expensify app. It is a semi-automated expense tracker for keeping a tab on cash expenses, credit card expenses and bank account. Built-in optical character recognition technology allows scanning receipts and note data through a SmartScan feature. Of course, shabby and illegible handwriting will not be recognized.
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This information gets marked as cash expense if it doesn’t match with the items in the credit card statement. Time-related expenses can also be added. For those who ride or drive, the app can use GPS for tracking the mileage of the vehicle. You can also submit your bills via email. All the expenses can be synced to create reports for analysing your personal financial situation.


Toshl Finance

Toshl is a multi-platform expense tracking app with online syncing and several nifty tools. Feed in your expenses to keep a track of them. Users can also set expenses as recurring in order to save time. Weekly or monthly budgets can be set using the easy and versatile functions that also help to track and manage those budgets.
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The bills organiser acts as the reminder service for pushing alerts about bills that are due soon. While travelling, the foreign currency converter along with a daily exchange rates chart makes it easy to keep track of the money spent outside the country. Finally, the entire personal financial data can be analysed using graphs and infographics.

Daily Expense Manager

As the name suggests, this app is meant to record and note down your daily expenses as well as income-pretty good for those involved in freelancing projects. The colour coding helps in navigating through the app’s interface. Users can always add different categories of income sources and expenditures. The Expenses can be viewed by date, month, payment and even category. Reminders can be created for weekly and monthly income-expenses.
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It is a simple app for users who just want a quick record.


Expense Tracker Plus

It is yet another simple expenditure tracking app that also incorporates income tracking. In Expense Tracker Plus, all kinds of expenses can be tracked by simply adding the income received. One can feed expenses and track them on a daily, monthly and even a yearly basis. The income and expense categories are suggested but can always be customised.
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The app also tracks savings from the incomes received and reflects that on the home screen of the app. Users get control to edit the date, time and categories while feeding income or expense data


This app acts as the expense tracker, bill reminder, checkbook register and also a budget planner. Note the expenses with relevant categories and timing so that they can be analysed later based on categories or time. Notifications about upcoming or overdue bills can be received from the built-in bill reminder. Monthly and yearly budgets can be set for different accounts.
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Categories can be customised to enter more accurate information. The data can be exported as qif or csv information to be analysed over the desktop. Add images of the bills and receipts.

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