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Top 5 cheapest 1TB hard disk in India

Here are the top 5 cheapest hard disk available in India.

Hard disks are becoming a necessity. Ever since the boom in India, people have been downloading tons of movies, games and other materials. However due to their computer’s space restrictions, one may need to invest in a hard disk. Hard disk comes in many shapes and sizes and today we will be discussing the top 5 cost-effective hard disks. The list has been made keeping various factors in mind, such as usability, space and warranty.

Seagate Expansion Portable 1.5TB

Price: ₹4,399.00

Seagate also has products in this range. This harddrive also has useful software pre-installed such as automatic backups. It is also backwards compatible with USB 2.0. It comes with a standard warranty of 3 years

WD 1.5 TB Wired External Hard Disk Drive

Price: ₹4,349

WD is a renowned hard drive manufacturer. It was surprising that they even cater to the low end of the price spectrum. However, 1.5 TB is enough space for anyone wanting to store lots of images and movies. Being a HDD however, it is slower than an SSD hard drive. WD provides a standard 1 year warranty.

Toshiba Canvio Basic 1TB A3

Price: ₹3,999.00

The very popular Japanese company also boasts a premium hard drive at a low price. Toshiba’s 1 TB hard drive is extremely light and has a smooth texture to it. Various covers are also provided, which you may have to buy separately. It comes with 3 years warranty.

Lenovo F309 1 TB

Price: ₹3,849.00

Lenovo’s F309 Hard disk provides 1 TB of space. It also has an anti-static design which helps secure your data. It is extremely compact and can slid right into your pocket. Also, Lenovo says that it is specifically made keeping in mind of Lenovo Laptop users. Lenovo provides a warranty for 4 years.


Price: ₹4,310.00

The ADATA Pro offers shock protection and is waterproof. It is ideal for people who want a hard drive on the go. Wildlife photographers can benefit from its waterproof features, and people in the engineering field have shock protection for their useful data. A 3-year warranty is provided.

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