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Airtel, Vi, Jio Plans that offer free OTT subscription

OTT subscriptions for various streaming platforms have become a necessity for many during the times of pandemic as many of us around the nation have started watching more digital content. Not only this but even streaming platforms such as Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, etc have been bringing exclusive content on their platforms. While standalone subscriptions might look a bit expensive, operators including Jio, Airtel and Vi have hopped in to provide valuable OTT benefits with their respective plans. Let's take a look at them.

Vi Plans (Prepaid)

Vi offers a total of four prepaid plans including Rs 501, Rs 601, Rs 701 and Rs 901 that give you access to 1 year of Disney+ Hotstar Mobile subscription.

Except the Rs 601 plan, all other three plans offer unlimited calls with Weekend data rollover, and unlimited night time data between 12am to 6am. The Rs 501 plan has a validity of 28 days and gives you 3GB data per day with 100 SMS/day.

The Rs 601 plan gets you 75GB of data with 56 days of validity as its a data-only plan. The Rs 701 plan has all the benefits as the Rs 501 plan, except, it has a validity of 56 days. The Rs 901 plan also offers same benefits as Rs 501 plan but for 84 days. 

Jio Plans (Prepaid)

The Rs 601 plan gets a validity to 28 days with a total of 90GB of data (3GB/day + 6GB). You also get unlimited voice calling and 100 SMS/day. This plan fetches you complimentary access to all the Jio apps along with 1 year of Disney+ Hotstar Mobile subscription.

The Rs 799 plan has a validity of 56 days where you get 2GB of data per day. The plan also gets you unlimited calling, 100 SMS’es a day and ofcourse, 1-year Hotstar Mobile subscription. 

Jio Plans (Prepaid)

The Rs 1066 plan has a validity of 84 days and offers 2GB/day with 5GB extra. Unlimited calls, access to jio apps, and 100 SMS/day are all included along with a year of Disney+ Hotstar Mobile Subscription.

For an year, you can get a plan for Rs 3199 with 2GB/day plus extra 10GB. Unlimited calling as well as 100 SMS/day are included in the plan with 1-year of Hotstar Mobile subscription. You also get complimentary subscription to all the Jio apps with all the plans mentioned above including JioTV, JioCinema, JioCloud and more.

Jio Plans (Postpaid)

For postpaid users, Jio has 5 postpaid plus plans including Rs 399, Rs 599, Rs 799, Rs 999 and Rs 1499 plans that offer a trio of OTT subscriptions including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar Mobile.

The Rs 399 and Rs 599 plan give you 200GB data rollover facility with 75GB data and 100GB data respectively. You also get 100 SMS/day and unlimited calls with these two plans. Furthermore, you also get an additional family add-on SIM with the Rs 599 plan.

The Rs 799 and Rs 999 plan offer 200GB data rollover and 500GB data rollover facilities respectively. With the Rs 799 plan, you get 150GB of data while with Rs 999 plan you get 200GB. The 799 plan offers 2 additional family add-on SIMs while 999 plan offers 3 of them. Both of them offer unlimited calls and 100 SMS/day

And finally, the most expensive Rs 1499 plan offers 300GB of data with 500GB data rollover. There are no additional family add-on SIMs available with this plan. It offers the same 100 SMSes per day along with unlimited calls.

Vi Plans (Postpaid)

For postpaid users, all users active on Rs 499 rental plan or above get access to 1 year Disney+ Hotstar Mobile subscription. If you are not eligible for any of the plans, you can opt for the Rs 499, Rs 699 or the Rs 1099 REDX plan.

In the Rs 499 plan you get 75GB per month with 200GB data rollover. There’s 1-year free Amazon Prime membership, Disney+ Hotstar Mobile subscription, and Vi Movies & TV membership included.

On the other hand you get unlimited data in the Rs 699 plan. With this plan also you get 1 year free Amazon Prime membership, Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription and Vi Movies & TV. 

With the Rs 1099 REDX plan, you get Netflix, Vi Movies & TV, Unlimited Data, Prime Video and 1 year of Disney+ Hotstar Mobile subscription. You also get free 7-day i-RoamFree international roaming package, and Airport lounge access.

Airtel Plans (Prepaid)

Airtel has a load of prepaid plans with a bunch of OTT offerings in each of them. The operator offers a 30-day free trial of Prime Video mobile edition and Airtel Xstream Premium subscription with Rs 719, Rs 479, and Rs 299 plans. You get 84 days, 56 days and 28 days of validity with these plans, respectively. All of them offer 1.5GB of data per day with unlimited calls and 100 SMS a day.

The Rs 839, Rs 549, and Rs 359 plans have 84 days, 56 days and 28 days of validity respectively. With these plans also you get Free Prime Video Mobile Edition, Airtel Xstream premium, 2GB data per day, unlimited calls and 100 SMS/day.

The Rs 455 and Rs 699 plan have validity periods of 84 days and 56 days respectively. The Rs 455 plan offers 6GB of data for the whole validity period while the Rs 699 plan gives you 3GB of data per day. The Rs 455 plan has Prime Video Mobile Edition free trial and Airtel Xstream Premium subscription included while Rs 699 plan has Amazon Prime Membership with a validity of 56 days.

Airtel Plans (Prepaid)

The next four plans that offer you with free Prime Video Mobile Edition and Airtel Xstream Premium subscription include Rs 599, Rs 3359, and Rs 1799 plans.

The Rs 599 plan has a validity of 28 days with 3GB data per day facility. Along with that, you get 100 SMS a day and unlimited calling as well. The Rs 3359 and Rs 1799 plans have a validity of 365 days and give you access to unlimited calls.

With the Rs 3359 plan, you get 2GB/day with 100 SMS per day along with Disney+ Hotstar Mobile Subscription as well. On the other hand, you get 24GB for the whole period with 3600 SMSes with the Rs 1799 plan.

The Rs 239, Rs 155 and Rs 299 plans get you a 30-day Prime Video Mobile Edition trial along with Wynk Music and other services.

The Rs 239 plan has a validity of 24 days with 1GB data per day along with free hellotunes. The Rs 155 plan has 1GB of data for 24 days along with unlimited calling and a total of 300 SMS. The Rs 299 plan offers 1.5GB of data per day for 28 days.

Airtel Plans (Prepaid)

With a Rs 449 plan, you get full Amazon Prime Mobile Edition free trial along with 3 months of Apollo Insurance, 2.5GB/day, 100 SMS/day and unlimited calls for 28 days.

The Rs 838 and Rs 499 plans fetch you Prime Video Mobile edition free trial along with 1 year of Disney+ Hotstar Mobile subscription. These plans have validity periods of 56 days and 28 days respectively. With Rs 838 plan, the benefits remain identical including unlimited calls, 2GB/day, 3 months Apollo Insurance and 100 SMS per day.

Airtel Plans (Postpaid)

For postpaid plans, you get to choose from 3 options. Rs 499 plans gives you 75GB per month with free unlimited calling and 100 sms/day. You also get 1-year Amazon Prime and Disney+ Hotstar Mobile subscription with this plan. 

The Rs 999 plan offers 1 regular SIM and 2 additional family add-ons. You get unlimited calling, 100 SMS/day, and 150GB of data per month with both Amazon Prime and Hotstar Mobile subscriptions of 1 year each.

The most expensive Rs 1599 plan has 1 regular SIM and 1 family add-on. There is 500GB of data available per month with 100 SMS/day and unlimited calling. The subscription benefits remain identical to the above-mentioned plans.

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