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Windows Phone 7 may have more quality apps

Microsoft is aiming for quality over quantity for its marketplace, so that its apps may command higher price from the consumers.

Notwithstanding the popularity of Android, primarily due to its free applications, Microsoft wants its developers to sell quality apps at higher price points for its Windows Phone 7, Bloomberg has reported.

It’s not that Microsoft wants the developers to charge more for the same apps, it actually wants them to create better and more feature rich apps, and then charge more.

Brandon Watson, director of an apps developer program for Microsoft, said, “I’d rather developers sell fewer than a million downloads and get to a million dollars. If we can support a higher price point that’s good for developers.”

Microsoft adopted a similar strategy for the Windows Mobile 6.5 as well, which means it is not the first time Microsoft is looking to developers to build better and expensive apps.

The company is trying to attract those developers who are not happy with Apple for one reason or the other. By attracting those developers, Microsoft intends to build a momentum in favour of its app stores.

Microsoft has recently released close to 500 updates for Windows Phone operating system, all of which concentrate on improving different aspects of user experience.

Notably, Nokia has earlier this year announced that it will be making smartphones using Windows Phone 7 platform. It will be releasing close to 11-12 smartphones on the WP7 platform by the end of 2012.

In contrast to Microsoft, Android owes its popularity to the large number of applications.

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