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WhatsApp is adding new Wallpaper, sticker features in its app

WhatsApp is adding a bunch of new features to the Android app including new wallpapers, sticker search and animated sticker pack.

WhatsApp has announced a revamp for the chat wallpaper feature in its app. WhatsApp is not only improving the Wallpapers functionality, but is also introducing a search option for stickers along with a new animated sticker pack.

With the revamped Wallpapers feature, users will be able to set a custom wallpaper for every separate chat. As per WhatsApp, it will help users distinguish chats with their favorite people.

WhatsApp Wallpaper

A new set of wallpapers including Doodle wallpapers, more colour options, wallpapers inspired from new, iconic images of nature and architecture from around the world, will also be added within the app. These wallpapers will be available in both bright and dark versions.

The Dark and Light mode of the app will have separate walls. As the user switches from light to dark or vice versa, the Wallpapers will also change respective to the theme mode.

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WhatsApp Wallpapers

WhatsApp is also improving Sticker search by adding the ability to type or input emojis to search for the stickers. Same as Telegram, WhatsApp will now encourage sticker creators to associate their stickers with a respective emoji or text.

The new animated sticker pack by WhatsApp will be called ‘WHO sticker pack’ that follows a ‘Together at Home’ theme. As per WhatsApp, it is one of the most popular sticker packs and will come with localised text for 9 languages including Arabic, French, Italian, Indonesian, German, Turkish, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese.

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