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Twitter to add Edit functionality in 2017?

Responding a lot of users which were begging to include the ability to 'Edit' tweets after you have posted it, Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey spilled out his views on this.

In an attempt to get the feedback from users, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey started a poll on Twitter asking what are the changes and features they know which are yet to make it to the social media platform. In response, a lot of users were begging to include the ability to ‘Edit’ tweets after you have posted it.

The exact tweet read – “Following the footsteps of Brian Chesky: what’s the most important thing you want to see Twitter improve or create in 2017? #Twitter2017,”
Responding to one of the requests of ‘Edit’ functionality, Jack pointed out the difference between the ability to edit the tweets quickly and the ability to edit it anytime. While the former looks to be not a big task, the latter requires a change log, claims Jack.

Quoting one of the responses from Jack Dorsey – “edit mistakes quickly or edit anytime? Big dif in implementation. Latter requires change log as we’re oft the public record”

He further expressed his opinions about the feature by describing it to be the change which is definitely needed but also added the complexity which follows.

He said -“This is our most requested feature (today & always). Mostly to quickly fix mistakes. Anything beyond would need to show revision history.”

Based on the discussion which took place on Twitter, we assume that though the edit feature is possible in 2017, we highly doubt it to be full proof and without any conditions. Interestingly, Jack did confirm that if the feature is to be implemented, it will be available for everyone instead of some select users.

Meanwhile, yesterday, Twitter introduced live 360-degree streaming through Periscope. The feature is, as of now, available to certain users only but the social network has confirmed that it will be soon made available to everyone.

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