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Touch-less touch screen

Taking navigation to the next level, Fogale nanotech displays the prototype of its latest navigation technology for devices.

Have you ever wondered that after going through the resistive, capacitive and Amoled input mediums what will happen to the touch based input for mobile phones and other portable devices?

Well Fogale Nanotech, a company based out of France, has figured it all out and showcased the latest in touch technology at the Cebit 2011 IT and telecommunications solutions trade fair.

This next generation input technology will be a mix of both touch and gesture based inputs and taking it a little further where a flick of finger a few centimeters above the surface will also do the same as it does with the touch today.

The base of this technology is none other than the omnipresent touch and gesture based input technology coupled with a new technology that allows the user to navigate on the devices with or without touching the surface.

The company, however, did not showcase any device based on this technology as they still are in the prototype phase and devices seems a little far fetched as of now.

The technology seems promising as it bridges the gaps that were left by the touch based input technology and has the potential to the official successor too.

Once adopted by the tablet computers and smartphones it is expected to change the experience of all 3D applications and otherwise as well.

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