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Too many apps: the downsides of excessive choice

Apps are mostly downloaded by curious users who want to try something new, or are addicted to apps, and all these apps sit in the background consuming processing power and network.

Smartphones available in the market are getting more complicated by the day, and the number of apps available from various stores is growing rapidly.

According to research conducted by Envirofone some time ago, about 71 per cent of users just make phone calls, check Facebook, or send text messages with their smartphones, which means they don’t use the available apps even though they’d have made their lives a lot easier.

The same study found that only about 10 per cent of a smartphone’s capabilities were actually used by their owners. Jon Butler of Envirofone, said, ‘The latest phones have become status symbols which look flashy but aren’t fully utilised.’ At the beginning of 2008 the value of the total market for apps was close to zero. Within a year from now the market’s size is expected to go up to $17.5 billion.

Apps are mostly downloaded by curious users or app addicts. Even power users need to delete the useless apps from their phones because they consume phone memory and consume in communicating with their servers every now and then. Besides, users need to be sure they can trust their data to the app.

Those who go to an app store for the first time can really have their heads spinning in no time. Users are often unsure about which apps will work for them because until they’ve used the app they have no idea whether they want it. By and large, people seeking apps for specific tasks fare better in the app market than those who have a compulsion to try every new thing.

It is possible to use free versions of most apps to find out if one needs them. Other methods of proofing include reading reviews from other users, and getting reviews from friends. Of course, there’s no saying how an app will turn out even after all that!

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