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This game will Qonqr cities

The cities are won with the help of nanobots, tiny robots which can't be seen. Those who have more nanobots conquer the cities.

So are you a conquerer? Have you feel the desire to take up cities with your army?
If yes then here is your chance to raise your own Robot Army and become an emperor!
Qonqr, a location-based game, allows you to build nanobots teams and win cities.

A group of developers based in Minnesota have build the concept.

The game requires the players to be near the city’s centre so they can send nanobots to conquer cities. Those who are not close to the city, they want to conquer, need to use real money to send virtual missiles to achieve the same purpose.

If the city has been captured already, the player with more nanobots wins the game (or the city).

Like other location based games, it uses global positioning system (GPS) technology. Players have to join one team out of three. As the team members gains experience, they become more powerful.

The game would be released as an for Windows Phone 7, iOS and platforms.

The company plans to raise money by selling virtual goods within the game itself. Another idea is to make businesses the battleground where the game would be fought.

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