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The new Read, Watch, Listen initiative from Facebook

Facebook would like to help users find out what their friends like, consume that content and then unearth some more based on what they have already liked.

Something big is coming from Facebook. Though the details are not clear, there are some reports which suggest the core experience of the site will turn to Read, Watch and Listen which is likely to be the new incarnation of the already famous “Like” button.

The new initiative seems to be all about content, and it’s becoming clearer Facebook will soon be embracing multimedia in a big way.

It is also likely the content consumption will be better organised for the users. For example, they would be able to know if they have read, watched or listened something. The introduction of new buttons is expected to be announced at the forthcoming F8 developer event which is being organised by Facebook.

Facebook will also be launching a real time ticker along with an updated news feed, all with an eye to make available more relevant content to the users. If there have been new status messages and photos uploaded when the users were absent from the site, the new features would make it easier for the users to access these.

As we reported earlier, digital music of several content providers such as Spotify, MOG, Rhapsody, SoundCloud, iTune s , Napster, Kazaa, Vevo and others will be made available to the users on Facebook.

Warner Brothers already offers video streaming services through its web-service and Facebook is expected to soon announce closer integration with a premium TV content service as well.

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