Swype receives an update

By: Prasoon Kumar, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi Last updated : August 16, 2018 7:40 pm

The updated virtual keyboard software brings a host of features for better typing on touchscreen devices.
The keyboard replacement software from Swype, which is still in beta, has just received a new update.

The third version of the virtual keyboard software has a simplified registration process and users can now choose the right words from a horizontal menu of predictive text.

There is a feature called Tap Correction which enables users to go from normal typing to Swyping and back without any disturbance in their writing experience.

The Horizontal Word Choose List is also an improvement since the annoying pop ups have been replaced with horizontal menus. This is in line with new Android standards. On some devices, Swype used to get disabled each time the device was rebooted, but this won't happen anymore. Those users who had Swype pre-installed on their devices should download the update, as it would not work with their existing phones.

Users have the choice of using their fingers or stylus, and using multiple languages as well. All the common editing functionalities are available with it, and the company says its keyboard is now in use on about 50 million devices.

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