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SMS hit by the popularity of instant messaging

SMSes cost money whereas instant messaging is free, which means youngsters with limited budgets can send messages with impunity.

The use of instant is increasing whereas SMS usage is expected to fall by about 20 per cent in the next two years, according to a survey

It does not comes as a surprise though as sending text messages costs money whereas instant messaging services are free.

For example the BlackBerry Messenger is currently used by about 39 million users across the world. BlackBerry Messenger, which used to be associated with the elders, is now quite popular with the younger generation.

Even those users who don’t have BlackBerry handsets can use Gtalk on based handsets, which again appears on the screen just like SMSes and come free of charge.

Not just SMS, instant messaging also seems to be gaining popularity at the cost of email too.

It was some time ago that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg declared that email was dead, though the fact is that the statement was aimed at Gmail primarily.

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