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SmartAR: New augmented reality tech from Sony

Although augmented reality has yet to hit big time, there are numerous popular apps such as Wikitude and Augmented Car Finder which use augmented reality to provide real world benefits to users.

Smart AR is the new augmented reality technology from Sony which can be integrated into future mobile devices. Akhibara News reports that the SmartAR technology will be able to follow multiple objects at the same time. In simpler terms, augmented reality is the method of integrating virtual objects into the real world view as seen on the screens of mobile devices.

Although augmented reality has not become very popular yet, the technology has been used to create several popular smartphone apps such as Wikitude, Augmented Car Finder and more. With SmartAR, even real world objects will be able to become a part of the game when viewed through the mobile phone’s camera. For users it means the gaming characters may even evolve to react if something in the real world moves.

Some augmented reality technologies use markers or even satellite tracking to find out where to put virtual objects. The Sony SmartAR instead uses object or space recognition, therefore it works even indoors where signals don’t work. Smart AR picks the salient parts of an image, or even tracks the movement of an object within the image, so it can calculate its orientation all the time.

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