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Siri outage on iPhone 4S also suggests its popularity

Siri connects to the Apple's servers to get the information sought by users, through voice command.

When the Siri voice assistant for iPhone 4S suffered its first major service breakdown, there were discussions galore across most of the Internet. The way users are reacting, and technology blogs are filled with the news on the subject, one thing is for sure &#151 users are missing the Siri voice assistant, a service which nobody had imagined existed only some time ago.

When the iPhone 4S was launched, other increments made in the phone by Apple was not really that substantial and most of the news headlines were instead grabbed by the arrival of Siri voice assistant. Siri actually connects to the Apple’s servers to get the information sought by users.

Other thing to note, Apple specifically mentioned the Siri voice assistant was still in beta phase, so the users who bought iPhone 4S were aware there might be some problems in future. At the same time, when users depend so much on a novel service brought by known brand name like Apple, it is expected even these outages would be gradually brought to minimum with time.

Currently, the service is back to normal and is responding to users’ questions cheerfully. It is expected the uptime of the product will soon improve now. Since Apple now knows what kind of problem the Siri voice assistant might face, it may well have started working on relevant solutions.

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