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Signal app lets you blur photos with editing tool

The company is rolling out a new update very soon which will enable the feature for its users across the globe.

Signal messaging app is considered to be a reliable and secure tool for communicating with people who want to protect themselves for enforced tracking. The app lines up alongside Telegram and WhatsApp in terms of its end-to-end encryption standards. In fact, Signal is the main reason that WhatsApp got the security feature in the first place. And now, with the ongoing protests across different parts of the world, Signal is making sure people can blur identities of people captured in photos.

Smartphones have made capturing large set of people in one frame quite simple. Police authorities, use this data to match with their database to identify those on the streets raising their voice against the government. With its new editing tool, Signal users can blur the face of all individuals in a photo, making sure they are hard to track down. The feature will be rolling out with the new update in the coming days.

While basic editing tools are available with most social media apps, none of them let you blur objects, making it easier to identify the content/person behind the masked section of the image. But Signal understands the gravity of the situation, especially in the US this week, where thousands of people are out on the streets, putting them in danger of facing legal action by the police authorities. However, if these people are hard to identify, it makes lives easier for the crowd to go about its action without worrying about any consequences for it.

The editing option will pop up when a person is trying to send image to their contact on Signal, letting them enable the feature from the top of the menu. Signal says the feature will be able to detect the position of the face and blur automatically, or users can do it manually by encircling the portion to be blurred. The company assures that none of the data processing for the image happens outside the device. The feature update has been sent to Google and Apple for their app store approvals and will be headed to all users very soon.

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