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Share, stream and control other devices with Android handhelds

Rovi has launched an application for Android which will enable you to access and manage connected devices such as a TV, set top box and PC using an Android phone or tablet.

Rovi Corporation, a USA based entertainment solutions company, has announced that its Connected Platform technologies will be available pre installed on platform.

This technology will enable consumers to share and stream entertainment content from their Android devices to a variety of connected devices around the house.

Music, photo and video files stored on Android devices, powered by Rovi’s Connected Platform, will be capable of sharing media over the consumer’s home network for streamed playback on compatible devices such as digital TVs, set top boxes, digital video recorders, Windows 7 PCs and network-attached storage (NAS) devices.

Connected Platform on Android will also enable consumers to access and manage connected devices around their home from their Android phone or tablet, and stream content stored on their PCs or NAS devices to the Android mobile.

“Consumers want easy to use media experiences and at the same time are growing the number of devices they use to enjoy entertainment. Sharing among devices is complicated and must be simplified to meet market demand,” said Corey Ferengul, executive vice president of product management and marketing at Rovi Corporation.

Rovi’s Connected Platform is a DLNA 1.5 (Digital Living Network Alliance) technology component, and includes the ability to transmit and play high definition video over a home network.

DLNA is a certification program which provides standards for devices so that they can interact with each other. Many major electronics manufacturers are members of this alliance, including Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony and HP etc.

Most phones, TVs, PCs, cameras and devices from these big makes are DLNA certified and are therefore able to connect to one another, making the ecosystem big enough for the consumer to take advantage of a connected home. If you have several DLNA certified electronic devices at home, you will be able to connect them together and share the content among these devices.

The Rovi Connected Platform solution will be available to manufacturers from the current quarter onward.

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