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Playing with Nokia’s Bubbles

Nokia's latest experiment turns out to be a fun way of doing things the short cut way.

Bubbles is Nokia’s latest experiment and aims to simplify common smartphone operations. It has been developed by Nokia’s Beta Labs – a type of research center at Nokia.

With the use of this on a Nokia’s touch screen smartphone running on Symbian ^3 platform ( Nokia C7, Nokia N8), options of different shortcuts to unlock the phone or change its profile; access messages, missed calls or the music player etc. appear in pop up bubbles.
The user just has to hold a bubble and drag it to an available drop point to initiate the related action. Drop points only appear when the user holds an action bubble. For instance, if a user has a missed call, a bubble will appear on the screen and if it is dragged and dropped at a drop point, the user will be to the missed call sub menu. Before Bubbles came along, one had to go through various menus and screens to do this.

Currently, Bubbles is in beta so users need to activate it by hitting the power or menu button. If it is liked by many people, Bubbles might be integrated into a Symbian operating system upgrade. The app is available free at Nokia’s Beta Labs.

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