Opera adds improved reader mode to its Android browser

By: The Mobile Indian network, New Delhi Last updated : February 06, 2020 4:56 pm

The company has revealed that version 56 of the Opera browser now comes with improved reader mode.


Opera has today announced that it is releasing a new version of its Android Browser that comes loaded with new features. The company has revealed that version 56 of the Opera browser now comes with improved reader mode. 


The company has revealed that the new reading mode will allow people to focus on the content they want, without distractions. “Websites are often jampacked with distractions and their design is inconsistent. This makes it easy to lose focus and sometimes even forget what it was that we were reading,” said Peter Wallman, SVP of browsers at Opera. “Our goal with the improved reader mode is to allow our users to focus solely on the articles of their choice and to give them a consistent and pleasant reading experience.”


The new reader mode utilizes fonts such as Roboto for the text body and Roboto Slab for headlines. The company has revealed that the font sizes were selected based on the feedback from Opera users. Roboto Slab also includes serifs, which makes article headlines look more like newspaper headlines and differentiates the text from the system font used in the rest of the browser’s UI.


Once enabled, the reader mode converts suitable web pages into a simplified format, displaying a neater version of the articles: the font is changed for maximum readability, and the top navigation, as well as ads on a website, is hidden. “Our focus with the new reader mode was to make content the central element that a user focuses on. I think we’ve succeeded,” added Wallman.



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