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Now earn just by using Microsoft’s Edge browser

In the recent initiative to make people shift to Microsoft Edge, the company has decided to start paying whosoever uses the browser.

After a year completion of Windows 10 launch, Microsoft rolled out the Anniversary update earlier this month. The Anniversary update brings an improved version of Microsoft Edge browser which, Microsoft claims, enhances battery back up than Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers. In other words, Microsoft claims that the new Microsoft Edge browser comes with battery efficiency features. For those of you who don’t know, the Edge Browser replaced the not so famous Internet Explorer with the Windows 10 update last year.

“Edge can according to Microsoft deliver 36-53 percent more battery life while doing daily tasks, including watching videos on YouTube, browsing the Internet, or checking in with friends on social networks” claimed the famous OS manufacturer.
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However, Microsoft in its recent research has found that people have still not shifted to its new browser service despite several claims regarding the company boasting it to be better than its counterparts. “Almost three-quarters of Windows 10 users are not using the Edge browser,” the report said.

In the recent initiative to make people shift to Microsoft Edge, the company has decided to start paying whosoever uses the browser. As of now the offer is only available to users from US and not anywhere else. Interestingly, it is just a rebranding strategy of Bing rewards which are now knows as Microsoft rewards.

In order to avail these points or rewards, one has to make Microsoft Edge as his default browser and Bing as his default search engine and keep using both of them regularly. These reward points can afterwards be vouched for different coupons credits to places like Amazon, Starbucks, Skype and the ad-free version of Outlook.com. Also, this points can be used over the Microsoft store.

Microsoft is known to impose it users to install various updates. Don’t forget those annoying updates which our Windows device would automatically download and install without our permission. There is an option to disable it though. We firmly believe that if Microsoft Edge offers better functionality and simplicity than other web browsers then Microsoft won’t be required to take such steps. As a matter of opinion, Microsoft Edge is a decent web browser with simple and cool looking animations.

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