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Nokia phone reportedly saves life in Afghanistan

Last month, there was a similar news about Huawei P8 which reportedly saved a man's life.

Back in the day, Nokia had this reputation of making unbreakable phones. The famous Nokia 1100 was the pioneer back then. It seems like Nokia hasn’t lost that reputation just yet.
Nokia phone
Peter Skillman, Microsoft’s General Manager of Core UX for Windows Desktop, Tablet – has tweeted a picture of a Nokia phone that took a bullet for a man in Afghanistan and apparently saved his life.
Nokia phone
Last month, there was a similar news about Huawei P8 which reportedly saved a man’s life in South Africa when a man called Siraaj Abrahams got shot while he was returning home from a birthday party. Though in both the incidents phones were damaged beyond repairable but who cares they saved a man’s life.

Though Huawei is new to the game, Nokia is an old player. Back in 2014, Nokia Lumia 520 saved the life of Brazilian policeman and obviously it was destroyed in the process. While, devices like iPhone 5c have been there up with Nokia as well.

While, at one end, Smartphones are saving lives, on the other end, phones are exploding causing threat to both life and property. Samsung has already had enough of issues with the Note 7 even after the famous recall of 2.5 million units which costed the company about $1 billion.

Not only the Note 7, even smartphone such as OnePlus One and iPhone 7 are exploding though the reason here was not the manufacturing default. Nevertheless, today, there are two kinds of smartphones – One which can save your life and One which can kill you. Stay Safe!

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